2013 Women's Backpacking Gear Guide

Women's Backpacking Gear Guide

When most people think female-specific outdoor gear, they're bound to think of pink mummy bags and water bottles with flowers plastered on them. Now, while a few flowers never hurt anyone, we at Active Junky think gals deserve a little more thought than that. Enter the Active Junky 2013 Women's Backpacking Gear Guide, our best-tested, tried and true gear picks and reviews for all your trekking needs this summer. We've searched out the best new and innovative products from top backpacking and hiking brands to offer a comprehensive gear guide to help get every hiker chick a little further into the mountains and woods this summer.

Our all-lady gear testers took to the trails and backcountry this past spring and summer to try out the best the backpacking gear world has to offer. We sent them out on short tramps and long hikes, over rocky terrain, up hillsides and to dance parties in the woods. Our trail-savvy testers reported back on the best use for each product in our arsenal; from their favorite trail Spork to the best long-trekking pack.

Featuring innovative and classic labels like Deuter, a 112-year-old company that was one of the first to make a women's-specific pack, as well as Osprey, Biolite, Mammut, Kuhl and many more, our 2013 Women's Backpacking Gear Guide offers some of the best gear options available. From packs that accommodate curves to lightning fast water purifiers to hiking pants that are both flattering and functional, we've found the best gear for your next backpacking adventure.



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