Surfing Wipeouts from the Margaret River Pro

Published on 04/16/2015

Watch these wipeouts and cringe, and then watch them again. After that, you should probably just get up, go outside and go surfing. 

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Snowboarding’s First 1800 Quadruple Cork

Published on 04/15/2015

Yesterday, we posted a video of the skiing world’s flip-rail-flip combo. Today, we turn to the snowboarding world. Billy Morgan, a rider from the UK, just landed the biggest rotation in the history of snowboarding: a backside 1800 quad cork. 

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Skiing’s First Ever Flip-Rail-Flip Combo

Published on 04/14/2015

Usually, the warning is “Don’t flip out.” Øystein Bråten, a 19-year-old Norse freeskier, doesn’t pay that saying any attention as he lands the skiing’s first ever flip-rail-flip combo.

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Running Insights: Going Long in 2015

Published on 04/13/2015

Time for 5Kers to notch it to 10K, and 10K lovers to look at a half marathon.  Start the year with a 90-day distance goal.

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Winch Wake Session in Panama

Published on 04/10/2015

Tow-in surfing is usually reserved for waves that are too difficult or dangerous to paddle. However, if you’re a pro wakeskater with a Red Bull budget on vacation along the wave-packed coast of Panama… why not?
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Congratulations to Bells Beach Winner Mick Fanning

Published on 04/09/2015

Yesterday, Mick Fanning’s focus was as sharp as his surfing. He wanted a fourth title at the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro – and that’s exactly what he got.

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Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro Quarterfinals Update:

Published on 04/08/2015

Going into the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro, the 2nd stop in the 2015 Championship tour, we’ve got a few questions.

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Accessories To-Go: Traveling Tech & Tools #1

Published on 04/07/2015

The Active Junky life happens anywhere.  Being prepared to chill at home or thrill on the road is key.  Here are three contributions that thrive on the go.

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Wander With Me: South American Dispatch #2

Published on 04/06/2015

Coby and Alita, the Wander With Me globetrotting duo, transmitted another dispatch from their South American adventures. While cajoling their trusted Land Cruiser along dirt thoroughfares and trekking through Columbian mountains, Colby and Alita focused on the simple joys of the traveler. Active Junky’s paired their photographs with quotes from literature’s most adventurous, bizarre and well-traveled authors.

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Salmon Fishing with the Hooké Crew

Published on 04/04/2015

You don’t need to speak French to comprehend the mile-high stoke levels going on here. Two Canadian fly fishermen seek redemption in a murky salmon-stocked river, alternating between catching fish and cheering from the shore. Add onto the electric level of excitement and bountiful waters the striking cinematography and you’ve got five minutes of fishing well worth watching. Hooké!

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