20 Amazing Places To Get Lost

Published on 03/25/2014

by Michael Arriola

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  • Arches National Park, Utah

    It is easy to see why this is one of Utah's most well known parks. The amazing arches that fill this park attract people from across the globe, most to gaze, but we have seen rope swings set up from time to time. 

  • Kauai, Hawaii

    One of the most remote islands in Hawaii, this is what you imagine when you think paradise. Although there is only one road through the island, you may find yourself going in circles trying to find that lost beach someone told you about. But no worries, the amazing blues of the ocean and jagged peaks that line the coast will keep your eyes entertained while searching for your destination.

  • Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    If you hop in your car and go for a ride in Santa Cruz you will definitely get the quaint beach town feel you are looking for. But venture into the hills and you will come across windy roads, thick forest, and wineries scattered about; a wonderful place to loose direction on a Sunday afternoon. 

  • Moab, Sego Canyon, Utah

    Moab is a beautiful place in it’s entirety, but Sego Canyon will be sure to give you a “lost in time feel”. With archaic art on the canyon walls you get a good sense for the history left behind. Downtown Sego stands as only a ghost town now, leaving a trail of memories behind. 

  • Del Norte Coast , California

    There are many redwood forests throughout the West Coast but Del Norte Coast combines a feeling of remoteness not had elsewhere. In this area you can find hikes that will bring you through old growth redwoods to miles of wild coastline to explore.Locate one of the camping areas and you will find yourself waking up at the base of a mighty tree.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

    With 415 square miles, this park can lead you to forgotten trails, hidden alpine lakes, and terrain that can change quickly. As you wander through the woods in this beautiful park be aware, as you will most likely run into some of the wildlife that calls this place home. 

  • Bend, Oregon

    A town on the eastern side of the Cascades in Oregon, you will have your pick between cruising the quaint streets or hopping on a trail that follows the Deschutes River. Make sure you stop at one of the local breweries while your here. 

  • The Maze District, Canyonlands, Utah

    If you have the time, the right vehicle, and the desire the Maze District is the most remote location in Canyonlands National Park. You will have to traverse a four-wheel road for 36 miles before you gain access to this area. Be careful when navigating the area; they call it the maze for a reason. 

  • New York City, In the Fall

    New York City can be overwhelming, and more likely than not you will end up lost. But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, especially during Fall. The city has a different feel come Fall and you can mix your days wandering the streets of the city with a few park jaunts when the hustle and bustle get to be too much. 

  • Sonoma, California

    Often people look at California wine country and immediately think the Napa Valley. But, if you are looking to stray away from the crowds and cruise down unknown roads lined with vineyards that frequently lead to your mom and pop winery, try Sonoma. 

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  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

    Sometimes called the forest of stone, this park holds large amounts of land covered in hoodoos (rock formations formed by frost weathering and stream erosion). This is one of Utah’s less travelled parks due to its more remote location. 

  • San Francisco, California

    The Streets of SF are alive. Here you will wonder through a maze of colorful houses, unique individuals, and a bustling urban city. As you continue exploring you will find a hilly landscape that will lend views to both the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. Getting lost here is a recommendation. 

  • Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

    This wildlife refuge is one of the most well preserved freshwater systems in the U.S. These wetlands are easily accessed by water trails and platforms, but to get a full view of this wonderful marshy landscape hop into a canoe and paddle across the swarm of lily pads and longleaf pines. 

  • John Muir Trail, California

    As you hike the 211-mile long trail you will find yourself engulfed in beautiful scenery and wild forest. The hike goes from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney and will certainly capture that lost feeling some seek on a journey such as this. 

  • Grand Staircase, Escalante National Monument, Utah

    Southern Utah’s Grand Staircase is the largest land area of all national monuments with 1,880,461 acres. With beautiful canyons, space-like rock formations, and plenty of hidden gems, you could spend multiple lifetimes getting to know this terrain. 

  • Olympic National Park, Washington

    This park consists of four regions: The pacific coastline, alpine areas, rainforest, and forests on the drier east side. With almost one million acres to access you will have no lack of options when choosing your journey through the park. Make sure you grab a map because this massive territory can have you trying to remember where you parked after a few hours in the forest. 

  • Portland, Oregon

    Getting lost among Portland’s streets you will find quaint coffee shops and restaurants engulfing the Pacific Northwest ambiance. A city surrounded by nature, you can escape to the outdoors whenever you please, but make sure to bring your raincoat. 

  • Zion National Park, Utah

    Known for its slot canyon hikes, Zion holds some of Utah’s most beautiful and unique terrain. Also, the oldest national park in Utah provides endless amounts of history amongst the splendor.

  • Pacific Coast Hwy, California

    No directions needed here. Take the Pacific Coast highway from Northern California to SoCal and stop as you please, in towns you have never heard of. The mix of scenery and windy roads will have you dreaming for weeks on end about your next journey on the coast. 

  • Powell Lake, Utah

    Rent a houseboat for a week, and get lost through the winding walls of Lake Powell. Weather your fishing, skiing, or just relaxing the lake has something for everyone. Want to give the trip an edge, try some deep-water solo rock climbing as you venture along. 

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