Apocalypse Gear: Part 1 - Accessories

Published on 05/21/2012

By Billy Brown

Apocalypse Gear

You don’t have to have a Mayan calendar in your living room to be a little freaked out about living in the year 2012. Epidemics, solar flares, global warming, economic collapse (not to mention the constant threat of zombie apocalypse) are all knocking on your doorstep. Luckily, you’re an outdoorsman, so you know a thing or two about what it takes to survive when civilization isn’t around to baby you. Over the last few months, the Active Junky staff looked in our closets and dug up some gear that could come in handy when it hits the fan. Check out the first two items on our Apocalypse gear list and follow the series over the next three weeks as we reveal the best gear to keep you alive when the end comes. Good luck out there.


Buff Headwear Wool Buff

If you’re carrying all of your earthly possessions in your pack, it makes sense to keep that pack as light as possible by filling it with multipurpose gear. Buff Headwear’s Wool Buff is the multitool of headwear, with its insulating/ventilating merino wool and nearly endless uses. The Buff can act as a beanie, headband, facemask, balaclava, neck gaiter, pretty much anything that you can think to do with a tube-shaped piece of fabric. We’ve used the Buff on mountains, in the desert, on 90-degree trail runs, and on frigid snowshoe hikes, and it’s been great for every use – it breathed well, it dried quickly when we soaked it through, kept us warm when it was cold, and it blocked the sun when it was hot. In addition to its astonishing versatility, we recommend the Merino Buff for its anti-stink purposes. And for its softness against the skin. Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you need to suffer from scratchy fabric.

Buff colorways

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Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion Hiking Socks

Darn Tough micro crewYour feet are one of the most important survival tools that you’ve got, whether you’re hunting game or racing to a high point of land after a flash flood. So it behooves you (get it – hooves) to take care of them. For us outdoorsy types, this means keeping them warm, dry, and blister-free with the right pair of socks. Darn Tough, a company in Vermont that has the balls to guarantee every sock it makes for life, makes some of our favorites, particularly their hiking line. With dense cushioning wrapping around the foot, the Micro Crew Hiking sock provides some softness without feeling squishy, and the merino wool/nylon blend wicks away sweat, keeping feet dry and blisters at bay.  Most importantly, these things last forever. We’ve taken Darn Tough out for hundreds of hiking miles, soaked them in rivers, and gone days without washing them, and they still feel like new. Plus, you can drop a fist-sized rock in one and use it as a bludgeon.

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Revo Bearing shades

A good pair of shades is going to be key if Earth is overtaken by a rise in solar activity (a la The Book of Eli). Revo’s Bearing shades sport wide frames and high contrast polarized lenses that provide wraparound coverage to block out the sun’s blinding rays. The serilium polycarbonate lenses are designed to withstand high-velocity impact, whether you’re taking a punch or a header off your motorcycle in the wastelands. During tests on Mount Shasta, the polarized lenses knocked down the snow’s reflective glare on sunny days, and the flush-mounted spring hinges provided a great fit, allowing for hours of comfortable wear. The nose grips (combined with the spring hinges) helped the glasses stay on one tester’s face on some big DH mountain bike bails in Bend, Oregon. Nice touch: the frames are made with castor bean seed oil instead of the standard petroleum, so when the world ends, you can tell everyone that it wasn’t your fault.

Revo Bearing sunglasses

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