Apocalypse Gear: Part 2.5 - Clothing

Published on 05/31/2012

By Billy Brown

You don’t have to have a Mayan calendar in your living room to be a little freaked out about living in the year 2012. Epidemics, solar flares, global warming, economic collapse (not to mention the constant threat of zombie apocalypse) are all knocking on your doorstep. Luckily, you’re an outdoorsman, so you know a thing or two about what it takes to survive when civilization isn’t around to baby you. Over the last few months, the Active Junky staff looked in our closets and dug up some gear that could come in handy when it hits the fan. Check out the next two items on our Apocalypse gear list and follow the series over the next three weeks as we reveal the best gear to keep you alive when the end comes. Good luck out there.


Icebreaker GT 260 Quantum Hood

Icebreaker Quantum hoodWho would have thought that one of the most technical fabrics in the world wasn’t developed in a lab, but growing on a bunch of sheep in New Zealand? Merino wool does it all: it keeps you warm when it’s cold, it breathes when you get hot, stays warm when it gets wet, and it never smells. That’s right, it doesn’t stink. This is huge, because when the world ends, you’re going to be pretty vulnerable when you’re washing your clothes in the river. We’ve been rocking Icebreaker’s GT 260 Quantum Hoody for the last few weeks, testing each of the above claims, and it’s lived up to its reputation. On cold-weather hikes, the 260-weight wool fleece was much warmer than it’s light weight would suggest, and on morning runs, the material breathed well, preventing testers from overheating. The real fun was in the stink testing – our tester wore the Quantum Hoody for a week straight – hiking, trail running, cycling, and walking around town. When he soaked it with sweat, he air dried it on the back of a chair and it was good to go. After the stank tests, the only difference in the material was a hint of deoderant in the armpits and salt stains from the dried sweat. We recommend picking one up now, just in case the apocalypse takes out all the sheep.

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Polarmax AYG Undies

AYG UndiesThe best undies are the ones you don't have to wash. It’s hard to overstate the importance of good underwear – if your boys are happy, you’re happy. Some might say that keeping it simple by going commando is the way to go when society burns, but let me ask the guys something: you ever try running without underwear? Not fun. Not fun at all. And let’s face it, no rules probably means you’ll be running for your life on a regular basis. Polarmax’s All Year Gear Boxer Briefs are our choice for the last pair of underwear you’ll ever wear. They’re cotton, so they’ve got that softness that comes with cotton, but they’ve been treated with XTRdry so they wick and dry like performance fabrics. Following Active Junky’s tradition of testing gear beyond reason, we had a tester wear a pair of boxers for three days straight. We’re happy (and he’s happier) to report that the boxers never got clammy or especially foul for the three days, thanks to the Acclimate Fresh antimicrobial treatment. When they did get funky, we made him sink wash and air dry them. They were good to go, so we made him wear them for three more days. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

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