Apocalypse Gear: Part 2 - Clothing

Published on 05/25/2012

By Billy Brown

Apocalypse Gear

You don’t have to have a Mayan calendar in your living room to be a little freaked out about living in the year 2012. Epidemics, solar flares, global warming, economic collapse (not to mention the constant threat of zombie apocalypse) are all knocking on your doorstep. Luckily, you’re an outdoorsman, so you know a thing or two about what it takes to survive when civilization isn’t around to baby you. Over the last few months, the Active Junky staff looked in our closets and dug up some gear that could come in handy when it hits the fan. Check out the next two items on our Apocalypse gear list and follow the series over the next three weeks as we reveal the best gear to keep you alive when the end comes. Good luck out there.


Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT Triple Aught Stealth

The Stealth Hoodie LT softshell sports a low-profile design to help you cruise past bands of marauders, but within its unassuming design lies a variety of features: reinforced elbows fend off wear and tear, while harness-compatible pockets let you access your goodies without taking off your pack. Its water- and wind-proof Schoeller c-change fabric opens its pores to vent heat and moisture and closes down to lock in heat when the weather gets chilly. And if the sun comes out, the jacket’s coldblack treatment prevents the sun’s rays from heating up the jacket’s material. We took the Stealth Hoodie LT out hiking, snowboarding, and hanging around town in conditions ranging from cool and clear to snow and rainstorms, and the Stealth fit comfortably into just about any situation. The streamlined cut and simple black styling even looks good around town. When the world ends, you’re only going to have room for one jacket. This jacket.

Check out the Triple Aught Stealth Hoodie LT


First Ascent Uprising Jeans Bauer Uprising pant

It’s nice to know that some things don’t change. Jeans were the best pants before the end of the world, and they’re going to be the best pants to wear after the end of the world, and Eddie Bauer First Ascent’s Uprising climbing jeans are the best of the best. designed as a rock climbing pant, the denim fabric is bolstered by Cordura for more durability with a dash of spandex thrown in for more mobility. Very handy whether you’re sidling up at a speakeasy or you’re hurdling fences as you run from some ravenous cannibals. Our tester pair has survived months of climbing, ranging from traverse workouts on garage walls to a day of climbing at Smith Rock, and they still look new. The spandex material and gusseted crotch gave plenty of flexibility for stemming and high feet, while the straight leg fit kept material from bunching up. The Uprisings are versatile enough to head from the trails to the pub…literally. After a gnarly day at Oregon’s Smith Rock, one tester was able to brush the dirt and chalk right off and head into the Deschutes Brewery looking like he’d just bought them.

Earn cash back on the First Ascent Uprising Jeans


   Up next:

    Polarmax AYG Underwear & Icebreaker Quantum Hood



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