Apocalypse Gear: Part 6 - Travel

Published on 06/27/2012

By Billy Brown

You don’t have to have a Mayan calendar in your living room to be a little freaked out about living in the year 2012. Epidemics, solar flares, global warming, economic collapse (not to mention the constant threat of zombie apocalypse) are all knocking on your doorstep. Luckily, you’re an outdoorsman, so you know a thing or two about what it takes to survive when civilization isn’t around to baby you. Over the last few months, the Active Junky staff looked in our closets and dug up some gear that could come in handy when it hits the fan. Check out these last two items on our Apocalypse gear list and scroll back through this series to see the best gear to keep you alive when the end comes. Good luck out there.


Mile High Mountaineering Salute 34 Pack

Mile High Mountaineering Salute packThe post-apocalyptic world is going to be tough, and your gear is going to have to be just as tough to survive it. Mile High Mountaineering’s Salute 34 pack is made up of rugged cordura material with burly zippers and a PackSlicker rainfly included. It’s going to take more than brawn to keep you going when civilization crumbles, however. Luckily, the Salute has plenty of brains in the form of clever design tweaks. The most obvious upgrade from standard pack design is the Snake-Loader zipper system, an “S”-shaped zipper that runs from the top of the pack and snakes its way down to the bottom. This allows access to any part of your pack at any given time, and it lets you lay the pack completely open and flat, so you can pack everything just how you want it. Add stowable compression straps, ice-axe straps, and a plethora of handles and pockets, and you’ve got a pack that’ll handle just about anything. The Salute performed like a champ on a climbing trip to Bishop, California – we stuffed it full of enough food and gear for a few days of bouldering, and testers loved that they could access everything they packed whenever they wanted it. No more digging for that Clif Bar at the bottom of your bag.

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Talus Cold Avenger Expedition Balaclava

Talus Cold Avenger BalaclavaIf global warming is truly going to bring about a new ice age, you’re going to want some cold-weather gear. You can layer on all the hoodies and down jackets you want, but at the end of the day, you’re going to want something that’ll keep your lips from freezing off. The problem that we’ve found with most balaclavas, especially heavy-duty ones, is that they soak up condensation from your breath and get wet, then cold, then frozen. Cold Avenger’s Expedition Balaclava solves this issue with its polyurethane ventilator, which warms and humidifies the air that you inhale, keeping your lungs happy, and it never soaks out, keeping your face from freezing off. We tested the Expedition Balaclava during whiteout conditions while snowboarding on Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor and on predawn snowshoe treks up California’s Mt. Shasta. Testers dug the Cold Avenger’s Polartec Windpro fleece, which was warm enough to keep facial extremities comfortable, but breathable enough to vent excess heat during steep climbs. The only initial issue we had was that the Balaclava had a tendency to slip off of testers with smaller noses, but the Avenger’s foam insert solved that problem. The full-face coverage could also come in handy when looting abandoned stores and residences for provisions.

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