The Best Snowboard Helmets for 2014

Published on 10/10/2013

by Michael Arriola

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  • Best of 2014

    We love to ride with progression in mind, which can mean pushing our limits with speed, terrain, and aggression. Putting on that brain bucket can bring our comfort level up when busting some new tricks or dropping some stepper lines.Here at Active Junky we want to give you that extra confidence boost with our list for Best Snowboard Helmets of 2014.

  • POC Receptor Bug Communication

    Make mom happy and keep your style points with POC’s Receptor Bug Communication helmet. Your tunes will sound top notch with the exclusive Beats by DRE. Don’t worry about taking your gloves off when jumping on a call in between songs; the remote control on your cord will do it all. POC holds this as one of their best helmets and were confident your head will agree.

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  • Anon Talon

    There is nothing worse than having an unfitted helmet slipping and sliding all over the place taking the term “gaper” to a whole new level. Anon’s Talon uses BOA fit system, which allows you to get that sung and comfortable fit with ease. With the passive channel ventilation you will keep cool even with the cozy expedition weight fleece on the ear pads and liner.

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  • R.E.D. Cadet

    Ladies, If your looking for durable you’ve got it with the hard shell, and dent resistant ABS injected structure of RED’s Cadet helmet. To help you keep your mellow mood the Cadet is audio capable, ready for your next jam. With the fashionable low profile you will be able to incorporate this into your gear line-up immediately.

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  • Bern Watts EPS 8Tracks

    With the lightweight polystyrene (Light but hard foam) in Bern’s Watts EPS 8 Track Audio Helmet you will forget your wearing that bucket. It’s a perfect comfort combo for that bitter winter weather or spring corn days with the removable knit liner. Don’t forget to strap up your tunes with Bern’s 8 track audio system.

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  • Smith Vantage

    If you want the best helmet ventilation that can be set specifically for you we think Smith’s Vantage helmet is your go to, with 21 adjustable vents. The new Aerocore technology is going to absorb more energy from any impact, which reduces the energy transmission. Enjoy your day on the slopes with maximum protection and out of this world temperature control.

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  • K2 Diversion Audio

    The K2 Diversion Audio goes beyond your typical stock helmet. From the baseline Audio technology to the 360 K2 dialed fit system you will feel like you just bought the Benz of helmets. The balance between safety and weight is tackled with K2’s hybrid technology, adding material where needed and taking from less critical spots.

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  • Bern Nina/Nino

    Kids are crazy plain and simple, and there is no exception when you put them on a snowboard. Stop fearing for the their lives and find comfort knowing they are protected with Bern’s Nina/Nino helmet. This multi-sport helmet will let them take to the mountain in the winter and bike the streets in the summer.Don’t worry about updating every season; the adjustable liner grows with your little giant.

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  • Salomon Hacker

    Salomon strives to bring you technical innovation and they have continued to do this with the Hacker helmet. The Twinshell technology is built with a durable injected base and a lightweight in-mold upper shell. This technology also features their Twinshell ventilation giving you 360-degree airflow with only a few vents. Really can’t let go of that beanie grandma knitted for you? Just pop out the one-piece liner for a perfect fit.

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  • Bern Brentwood Audio

    Don’t Break the bank and keep the perks with Bern’s Brentwood Audio Zip helmet. The Zip Mold technology is going to keep you safe from impact if your spin off that kicker was a little sketchy. Want to ignore your friends before the coffee kicks in? Perfect, you’ve got built in audio.

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  • Giro Combyn Helmet

    Giro has put out a revolutionary design in the helmet industry with the Combyn. The first soft-shell helmet built to take multiple hits due to the Vinyl Nitrile, which controls energy absorption during different types of impacts.  This helmet is also going to keep you clear on steep lines with the goggle vents up front. This was an easy addition to our Best Snowboard Helmets of 2014. 


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