Photos from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Published on 02/26/2013

by Tommy Joyce

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

We dropped by the Colorado Convention Center last week for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and we checked out some of the coolest custom bikes we'd ever seen. Browse the gallery and let us know which one is your favorite!


Conner Wood Bicycles

Conner Wood Bicycles

The Woody Scorcher is an individually crafted work of art. It's got an unbelievably smooth ride, and the combination of a belt-driven crank and disc brakes make this quite an impressive machine.


Boo Bicycles

Boo bikes

If you want a Boo bicycle, you can order it exactly how you like, from road to ‘cross to mountain to touring to townie. This Fort Collins, CO brand only manufactues custom rides, so it'll be just right for you.


Littleford Bicycles

Littleford Bicycles

Based in Portland, OR, Littleford bikes are custom made to order and the guys prefer you come into the shop so they can really get your measurements correct.  It's probably worth the trip if you're going to spend upwards of $4k on a bike!  You'll get a custom lugged or fillet-brazed chromoly frame and fork, fully integrated rear cargo rack, reliable, high-quality components (Brooks, Nitto, Shimano XT, etc) and a two color paint plus hand lettering.


Vibe Cycles

How badass is this ride! We love the shiny two-color paint job with the matching flask and fatty tires. Vibe cycles is based in Boise, Idaho and they like to use a range of materials like bamboo, titanium, and aluminum construction for their bikes.


Ampierce Bikes

Best lookin two-seater in town! AMP builds all kinds of different bikes, and you can buy complete bikes as well as individual frames or forks. With fatty tires and a sleek frame, you and a friend could cruise this tandem all over town.


Reeb Cycles

Reeb Bicycles

Now those are some serious tires.  Our friends over at Reeb Cycles have added some serious snow-plowing power to their handcrafted, belt-driven 29er, and we'd love the chance to get this out on a powder-covered singletrack trail.


Festka Bicycles

Festra Bikes

The Festka bicycle is not meant to blend in. These beautiful machines are imported from the Czech Republic and they sport an eye-catching frame.  The first bike is the Motol Chrom, a limited edition track bike that is one of five. The second is the Zero, a road bike that comes in three trim levels for various performance capabilities.


Calfee Bikes

callee bikes

Calfee bikes might have captured my vote for best overall design.  The lefty fork is an awesome component choice, and the frames are very stiff, durable, and comfortable.  The camoflauge texture to the bamboo gives the bike a great look.


Hunter Bikes

Hunter bikes wins our "best paintjob" award!  With a ballsy forest camo look with red accents, the Hunter pictured above definitely captured our imagination.  If you're willing to wait a year, you can get your own custom Hunter frame.


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