Summer Snow Guide

Summer Snow: Skiing The Volcanoes of South America

Published on 04/08/2014

by Michael Arriola

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  • Villarrica Volcano, Chile

    Skiers of all levels are welcome at the ski resort Pucon, situated on the Villarrica Volcano. While enjoying one of the 17 trails make sure to look up at one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, having had 82 eruptions to date. If you make it to the top in the summertime, you can lean over into the crater to see one of the only active lava lakes in the world. 

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  • Osorno Volcano, Chile

    Another fairly active volcano in Chile, Osorno can be skied on or off-piste. There is a small ski lodge that lends access to a ski lift to get you half way up. If your looking for a little more adventure spend about five hours skinning up with a possible switch to crampons to reach the summit. 

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  • Lonquimay Volcano, Chile

    Offering slopes for the whole family, with a brand new resort (Corralco) opening on Lonquimay in 2013. Powder hounds can have their fun here as well, with backcountry tours offered daily for people looking for bigger lines. This volcano is off the beaten track so if you’re looking for a tranquil ski destination here you go. 

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  • Llaima Volcano, Chile

    As one of the largest volcanoes in Chile, the Llaima Volcano peaks at 10,253 ft. A hike through volcanic rock and ash at the base will lead to some skinning. Towards the top, it will be time for the crampons. Watch your steps carefully as heat from the volcano can cause cracks along the pack. 

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  • Lanin Volcano, Argentina,Chile

    Volcano Lanín has a cone shaped peak and is situated on the border of Chile and Argentina. The classic ski routes descend the north face amongst volcanic rock and snow that gets more sun than the other faces. Get ready for some spectacular views from the top with the Patagonian Lakes District below. 

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  • Casablanca Volcano, Chile

    To ascend this volcano you can start at the base station of the Antillanca Ski Resort, where you can strap on the skins. After taking in the views of the Andes mountain range and skiing the Casablanca Volcano, you can finish up your day soaking in the Aguas Calientes hotsprings. 

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  • Puyehue Volcano, Chile

    Expert skiers, this might be a descent of a lifetime. The Puyehue Volcano offers a mile-wide crater filled with snow that you can ski to the bottom of. Take that in for a minute. Inside the crater you will find steep terrain with Alaskan style spines. If you want to get way off the beaten track and ski terrain not found elsewhere, Puyehue is your place. 

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  • Tronador Volcano, Argentina, Chile

    A glaciated dormant volcano, Tronador offer ski mountaineers a true challenge during ascent. While trekking carefully over glaciers and a few small ice climbs you may get a chance to see the worlds largest birds, Andean Condors, as they bring there young here when teaching them to fly. 

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  • Chillan Volcano, Chile

    Home to the resort Termas de Chillan, this volcano hosts the longest ski run in South America at eight miles long. You can bring the family for a day on the slopes and spa or take a backcountry tour in a cat to spice things up. 

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  • Image Source Photo Credit: Francesco Tremolada

    Tolhuaca Volcano, Chile

    The Tolhuaca Volcano has some unique terrain with vast forests and Lagunas across its landscape. The name references the cow-shaped summit you can see in the distance from the Tolhuaca National Park. A tour to the top will provide spectacular views in all directions. 

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  • Mocho Choshuenco Volcano, Chile

    The Mocho-Choshuenco is comprised of twin volcanoes. There is a lot of untouched terrain here as most people choose to ski the peak of Mocho. It is possible to summit both peaks in one day and Choshuenco has endless lines for first descents. 

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  • Antuco Volcano, Chile

    Another volcano with a resort is home to three lifts and 10 trails. You will also have the option for some off-piste skiing and touring. Here you can avoid the crowds and ski wide open slopes amongst the amazing scenery of the Antuco Volcano. 

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  • Puntiagudo Volcano, Chile

    This is your classic sharp-pointed Volcano with snowy slopes. Locals say an earthquake took away some of its point years ago. The first ascent was in 1937 and is located 50 miles SE of the Osorno Volcano.

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