Creative Gear-Fueled Halloween Costumes

Published on 10/23/2012

By Cameron McConnell


If you’re anything like us here at Active Junky, then chances are that you are a big fan of dual-purpose purchases (i.e. less money, more uses). Not only does it put a little swag in your step because you just outsmarted the system, but it also kind of makes you feel like a human Swiss Army knife; like MacGuyver with a pocket full of paperclips; like…you get the idea. And do you know what all of these beacons of awesomeness have in common? If you are good enough, they can make for killer Halloween costumes. It’s with that inspiration that we have compiled a list of gear sold by our partners that has the potential to take your reversible garment game to a whole new level.Spyder Xstatic Top

First up is the Xstatic seamless compression top from Spyder. Granted, it is from a company called Spyder (which, by the way, makes some of the best gear around), but this thing is straight out of Universal’s “Spiderman 15”. And check this out: if you pair it with the Bryce Jacket from DC, you can go from moonwalking to webslinging in a matter of seconds. That’s right – Peter Parker and Michael Jackson. Do it.

Next, we have the Orage Belmont Pant. Disco Stu ain’t got nothin’ on these babies. Orage Belmont pantThis is a flower power throwback that just screams mile-long sideburns; so fire up that VW van that you used to drive in your better days, fingerpaint some flowers and a rainbow on the thing, and take your image from “formal” to “funky fresh”. OR Transendent beanieAlso, if your ‘fro needs a little bit of coaxing to come out of hibernation, be sure to add the Outdoor Research Transcendent Beanie to your list, because this beehive-style incubator is bound to turn your do into a stand-up masterpiece. And ladies, don’t feel left out on this one, because one day of tearing it up in this dome blanket will leave you with an effortless and cost-free evening hairstyle a-la-Bride of Frankenstein.

Of course, no Halloween is complete without a Maverick sighting. Put all of that stress ball-induced hand strength to use with a thumbs up and a sharp salute before you take off into the danger zone. AviatorsIt doesn’t get any more classic-cool than the Ray Ban Aviator. It also doesn’t get any easier to pull off a ‘costume,’ and because these – the true original aviator – have stood the test of time; you can rest easy knowing that your purchase was well made. In fact, this may be the best purchase you ever make.

Vapor SuitOur final showcase of the evening is also our finest. This is the holy grail of dual-purpose clothing: we like to call it the “Tron Triathlon Trio” (how’s that for alliteration?). It begins with the Vapor wetsuit from Body Glove. This lightweight wetsuit will make sure that after stage one, you will still be moving like a crazed cyber-ninja. Of course, for stage two you’ll need a helmet: enter the Kask K31 Crono helmet. Honestly, this thing is just plain scary; but then again, that makes it just plain perfect. Just watch the pointy end – that thing looks dangerous. To complete the trinity, we’ve chosen something that embodies the ‘don’t lose one second changing your clothes’ strategy that we’ve been striving for: the Hydroshock Water Shoe from The North Face. If you’ve got the will to wear them, then these supremely breathable shoes are the way to never changing your shoes again.

The combination these three items will give you everything you need to become a legend, both on and off the course; and with a look somewhere between an alien and a spandex ninja, nobody will ever mess with you again. Falcon Comp VestIf you feel the desire to reinforce that image a little further, then be sure to add the Castelli Garmin Aero race shoe cover, and the Jetpilot Falcon Comp vest to your arsenal. With that kind of style, there’s no Comicon convention that you won’t rule.


There you have it. You are officially out of reasons to avoid spending your hard-earned dough on Halloween costumes.

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