Fashion + Function: Pedal Pushing

Published on 04/18/2013

by Aly Nicklas

Fashion + Function: Pedal Pushing

Cycling is awesome for a number of reasons: it reduces emissions, reduces your waistline, and you’re way less likely get in trouble late night on two wheels than four (that said, please don’t drink and pedal—it’s dangerous). We scoped out a full set of biking gear for you, and from head to toe we’ve got you covered for all your pedal-based adventures, while ensuring you’ll look just as good after you get off your bike as on. 


Ibex Muni Cap

Ibex Muni Cap

Where to Wear:

- Camping in your Euro-van - sidelining it at the Tour - popped up under your Bern helmet

Biking caps remind me of one of my childhood heroes, Tin-Tin (must be the classic wave in his hair) and I adore this classic 4-panel cap from Ibex. We found it to be fully worthy of worldly adventures, and, made with washable wool, it’s also functional enough to make the f+f cut. With just a bit of stretch and adjustable elastic, it works for both guys and gals, and you’ll find it awesome under a helmet and even cuter just boppin’ around town sans bike. The wool will regulate your temperature too, keeping you warmer when it’s cold, and cooler when the sun is blazing.

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Coal Richmond SE

Coal Richmond SE Cap

Where to Wear:

- Fly-fishing like you’re in A River Runs Through It - brewery hopping with your homies - when it’s raining (for reals)

Coal and Otter Wax, two kickass Northwest companies, teamed up on this wax-it-yourself cap (fitting, given how much precipitation the Northwest gets). The untreated canvas is guaranteed to increase your cool factor astronomically after you’ve rubbed the custom-sized bar of wax on it. I posted this in our biking-focused post because it seemed like a good fit, but this is a true wear-me-anywhere kind of hat. Cabin-gazing, skateboarding, date night . . .all appropriate activities for the Richmond.

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Nau Riding Jacket + Lightbeam Shirt

Nau Lightbeam shirt

Where to Wear:

- Acting like a straight boss in a board meeting - summer session at school - in the bike lane

Paired together, this is perfect combination for the man who likes to pedal to work (or play) and wants to look suave like James Bond even as he steps off his fixed-gear bike. Hey, you never know who’s watching, right? 

According to my dude gear tester, the Lightbeam is the shirt you’ll never want to take off. Recycled polyester and a polyester soft shell blend come together in a pucker weave for a stretchy shirt that’s so lightweight it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing much at all. Reflective tape pops out to increase your visibility and stows away in the roomy back pocket.  

Nau Riding Jacket

Exactly the kind of piece I look for to highlight, the Riding Jacket is a softshell that’s in the guise of a blazer. Appropriate for work and play, you’ll probably end up digging the sleek lines and flattering cut of this piece so much you’ll want to rock it every day. A killer travel piece, this jacket will come out of your bag wrinkle free and the DWR finish means rain will slide right off. The lapels button up for cooler weather (or if you’re just trying to look mysterious). The breathable recycled poly fabric blend is so stretchy, it passed the hug test with flying colors—hard to say about your average button-up blazer.

Go Nau all the way with the Motil Pant we reviewed last month, and you’ll be all set to cycle around this spring in serious style.

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Camelbak - M.U.LE.

Camelbak Mule

Where to Wear:

- Bopping around SXSW - cruising around la playa on a fur-covered tricycle - hiking through lava fields

A tried and true mountain biking hydration pack, the M.U.L.E. is equally suited for hiking, gyrating at a music festival, and hot-springing (yeah, I just made going to hot springs a verb). Whether you’re packing a summit feast for a day, cranking up hills or you're stowing a bottle of wine for a full moon excursion to that hot spring you’re crossing your fingers is still secret, you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into this 11L along with 3L of water. Check out the crazy ventilation system on the back—it’ll keep sweat from running down your back, while the sternum strap and waist belt keep it strapped on tight.

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Bern Lenox & Carbon Fiber Watts Helmets

Bern Lenox and Carbon Fiber Watts Helmets

Where to Wear:

- With knee-highs and cut-offs at the local roller rink - chasing rainbows on your mountain bike - farmer’s market bound with a basket ready for veggies

When I first started noticing Bern helmets cruising around bike-heavy Boulder, CO, a couple years ago I was intrigued by the concept of a stylish helmet. They’ve since become ubiquitous in the Front Range, and after testing them out I understand why. Not only can you convert them to a multitude of activities with the included inserts (the two we tested are perfect for snowsports, skateboard, rollerblading, you name it) but also actually look cool. My years of snowboarding competitively left me with way too many head injuries, and a passion for brain trauma prevention, so I’m stoked to see a helmet company come out with a design that’s actually stylish enough that you’d want to wear it. Bravo, Bern.     

The Lenox comes in a multitude of bright colors, and has plenty of vents (7) to keep your head cool, as well as the signature visor that makes these helmets stand out from the crowd. Lightweight, comfortable, and arguably the cutest helmet this girl has ever seen, the Lenox is straight up the best helmet I’ve ever had.

The Watts is Bern’s male counterpart to the Lenox, and this Carbon Fiber version seriously steps it up a level. A thin but rock solid shell and super-lightweight construction, when compounded with the sleek satiny finish over the carbon fiber, makes for a sleek brain bucket that’s suitable for all seasons.

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Teva Men's Links and Womens's Freewheel

Teva Freewheel & Links

Where to Wear:

- Pretending like you’re Danny McCaskill - summertime cruising on a vintage Schwinn - posting up for a ice cold beer post-ride

Links: When it comes to men’s footwear I’ve always been partial to the skate look, likely the result of all the popular boys in my middle school being skateboarders. Seeing as I’m only a couple weeks shy of 30 it’s amazing I remember that, but my bias towards big soles and square styled shoes has remained the same. Teva designed these with freeride legend Jeff Lenosky’s (who holds the world record for the bunny hop) input, and the result is sturdy mountain biking shoes that screams stylish with a whole slew of impressive tech specs (see Teva’s website for details).

Freewheel: First thing I noticed about the Freewheels was that these kicks have got bounce. The insole is crafted with Teva’s insanely comfortable Mush® technology, so it’s like rocking a pair of flip-flops with the support of shoes built for biking. Cute sneakers that just look like cute shoes but have all sorts of other Teva technology like the Spider365 rubber and PedalLINK outsole? Yes please.

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Earn cash back on the Teva Freewheel Shoe


Topo Mountain Briefcase

Topo Mountain Briefcase

Where to Wear:

- Coffee shop hopping on a fresh spring day - slung over your shoulder on your morning bike commute - daydreaming about your days as a boy scout while hoofing it to class

If you read my column at all you may have noticed I tend to gravitate towards gear that can convert into something different. I get excited even if it’s simple—the Mountain Briefcase functions as a briefcase with both a shoulder strap and handles, and without any effort you can turn into a backpack. Just like that I’m in love. This bag rules. The vintage look fits my personal style precisely, and it’s just as well suited to the male population. A laptop sleeve, plenty of pockets for organized storage and rugged zippered complete the package.

Check out the Topo Mountain Briefcase


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Contributed by: Aly Nicklas

Aly Nicklas runs a production company, Just Rite Media, that’s based out of Boulder, CO, in addition to being a regular contributor to Active Junky. As equally comfortable in a pair of heels as she is lacing up a pair of climbing shoes, Aly is dedicated to helping you look and perform your best. Expect to get regular (and occasionally ridiculous) style advice from Aly every other Thursday here on Active Junky. Think you’ve got killer outdoor steez and want to be featured? Have beta on a bitchin’ piece of gear Aly should check out? Email Us."

Images by Shannon Hudson


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