Five Pieces of Trail Gear for Women

Published on 06/07/2012

By Ann-Britt Hakansson

Womens 5 Trail Essentials

It’s your day off, and the last thing you want to do is spend your morning planning. What better way to unwind than by escaping into nature and getting in touch with your outdoorsy side. But even a day hike requires some preparation. So before hitting the mountain side, here are every woman’s essential pieces to guarantee a rewarding, care free experience on the trails.


Arc'teryx Cita Jacket

Arcteryx citaThe Arc'teryx Cita jacket is fashionable and functional. It is lightweight, water resistant and breathable with underarm vents. Boy Scouts aren’t the only ones who should always be prepared, and this jacket can be easily stuffed in a backpack in case of an unexpected downpour.


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Smith Optics Backdrop Sunglasses

Smith backdropWeather plays an unavoidable part in our outdoor escapades. If you aren’t lucky enough to embark on your mini adventure in the sunshine, those harsh UV rays are still making their way through the clouds causing avoidable damage. Rose tinted lenses are the solution. The pinkish hue of the Polarchromic Ignitor lenses of Smith Optics’ Backdrop sunglasses are perfect for rain or shine. Sold in an assortment of colors, the style savvy hiker has options.

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Patagonia Drifter Hiking Shoe

Trekking up a mountain all day can be unforgiving on your feet. Having the right pair of shoes is important to ensure an enjoyable experience. Excellent traction, flexible mesh lining, post-consumer recycled insoles and extra cushioned foot beds make Patagonia’s Drifter hiking shoes a top choice in footwear for your hike.


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CamelBak Magic 2012  

Camelbak MagicWhen going on a hike, bringing a CamelBak is a no brainer. Who wants to carry a backpack and a water bottle when you can have it all in one? The CamelBak Magic 2012 is designed for women and is just big enough to fit your Arc'teryx jacket, a camera and a snack.


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Garmin GPS 72H

Garmin GPSThe last thing you want is to get lost. Garmin makes an easy to use handheld device complete with GPS, USB and satellite capabilities. The GPS 72H allows you to track your distance, elevation and vertical feet traveled. This device will store your data, provide sun and moon information and comes with an armband for hands free convenience.


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Now you’re set for a flawless day of hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Grab a companion, your dog or best friend, and hit the trail. And if you prefer a solo trip, you can trust your Garmin device to guide you along the right path.

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