Gallery: 15 Badass Adventure Vehicles

Published on 06/14/2013

by Kyle Sundman , Trevor Harmon

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  • Life is all about the journey right? Well if the enjoyment is in the expedition, you will want to check out the craziest, most versatile and innovative adventure vehicles on the market. Check out these masterpieces of exploration!

  • PAL-V One

    The PAL-V One is built to get you door to door as fast as possible. This land and air vehicle has the agility of a motorcycle on the road and flies like a standard gyrocopter. It reaches speeds up to 112 MPH on land and in the air and can land practically anywhere. Find yourself in one of these and you'll never have to wait in traffic again.

  • PowerSki JetBoard

    The PowerSki JetBoard is one of the coolest water vehicles we've seen.  This engineering marvel has a 45 horsepower motor propelling it to speeds around 40 MPH.  The three fins allow for incredibly low and sharp carving turns. Get this thing up to speed and carve the water like a wakeboard to experience G-force up to 6G's!

  • Triton Sub 3300/3

    Triton Submarines has developed a number of personal submersibles for underwater exploring but the 3300/3 is the most versatile.  This sub can reach depths of 3300 ft and carries one pilot and two passengers.  Get yours hands on one of these and find that hidden treasure you've been dreaming about!

  • ICON A5

    Shell out 139,000 bucks for this sea-plane and jump from puddle to puddle with ease. The ICON A5 is a high-wing amphibious plane made for novice fliers who have obtained the FAA's new sport-pilot license. This monoplane is easy to use with its car-like instrument panel and minimal instrumentation and transport to a garage is made simpler by its folding wings. 

  • Custom Nissan XTerra

    Check out this car-camping powerhouse! If you're going cross country intend to camp along the way, this is your vehicle. Everything you'll need to camp will fit in this truck and you barely have to unload when you reach your sleeping ground. Park it and pop out the tent for a good night of sleep.

  • The Proteus

    Marine Advanced Research, Inc. has developed its Wave Adaptive Modular Vehicle Technology to make its vessels more versatile.  The Proteus is fundamentally different from conventional vessels because its design allows its inflatable pontoons to adjust to the shape of the sea, not the other way around. This vessel also has the capability to navigate shallow waters such as rivers and canals.

  • Rally Sled

    Ken Block, founder of DC Shoes and highly decorated rally car driver, came out with this little number a couple years back. Essentially, he and his team took what they knew best - high performance rally cars - with what I'm sure they knew very little about - snow cats- and meshed them to make this beast that can tackle even the deepest of powder with ease.

  • Media Raptor

    By itself, the Ford Raptor is a beast. Tim Damon, Hollywood car ad man, teamed up with Camera Car Systems to mount this camera on a Raptor for 360 degree views of the truck. Imagine the off-road footage you would get with this thing!

  • Custom Audi R8

    This blacked out beauty is one of the sexiest ski cars known to man. A widened wheel-base and lighter overall weight to the car thanks to a carbon fiber body give its owner, Jon Olsson, complete control while driving in the suede-covered cabin. "The most extreme Audi R8 in the world" boasts 600hp from its V10 engine and of course, a custom ski box on top.

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  • Mercedes Benz G63

    Mercedes Benz’s reputation may proceed them, but don’t think they cant get their hands a little dirty too. This G63 is so rugged it needed 6 wheels instead of the standard 4. Bottom line, if youre lookin to ride in style while not getting hung up by trivial things like boulders and incredibly steep rock faces, this is your lady.

  • Amphibious RV

    Have you ever been driving along in your enormous luxury motor home, come to the edge of a lake, and been super bummed that you couldn’t just drive right out into the water and play boat capitan for a little while? No worries, the guys over at CAMI (which actually, fittingly, stands for Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International) felt the same way. So they developed this. I wonder how many they’ve sold?

  • Custom E350 Van

    The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle began its life as a standard E350 transport van, but after a quick (or not so quick) facelift, its transformed into one of the most badass motorhomes on the planet. A little more economical than some of the others we’ve seen, this 4x4 can snake its way through pretty much anything you can throw at it...within reason. Remember, its still a van at heart.

  • Jeep Brute

    Jeep always has and continues to set the bar in the off-road industry. The Brute, although maybe lesser-known than its Wrangler brother, packs a serious punch on and off the pavement. A nice cab with the convenience of a big truck bed and some serious power under the hood makes this a staple in the quiver of off-road vehicles.

  • Quad Ski

    Jet ski’s are a blast. ATV’s are also a blast. Unfortunately, if you want to experience both, you’ve got to shell out for both. If only there was a way that you could go from one to the other with a simple flip of a switch! Matter of fact, there is one! But alas, currently the boys in camo are the only ones who get to experiment with this awesome, super-fast amphibian.

  • Aquatic Jet Pack

    Im sure just about everyone has daydreamed about someday flying around in a jetpack. Lucky for us, those days are approaching fast. JetLev has developed a pack powered device that sucks water up through a huge tube and shoots it back out with such force that it actually propels you up into the air with surprising stability. You've gotta stay over water in order for it to work, but its a pretty nifty first step.

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