Visibility Gear for Running in the Dark

Published on 11/26/2012

By Heather Balogh

Night Running

With the sun rising later and setting earlier, it can be difficult to squeeze in that run during daylight hours. Early morning jaunts are dangerous with the pre-caffeinated drivers, and evening jogs can be more treacherous with the horde of rush hour vehicles that just want to make it home in time for supper. Luckily, gear solves all problems. There is some serious running apparel out there that can help us stay safe and visible while taking care of that cardio.


Runner's World armbandRunner’s World LED Armband

This LED armband is a go-to purchase for any runner or walker that will be out in low-light conditions. The light has two modes—flashing and steady – that will alert the most inattentive driver to a runner’s presence. The reflective printing on the band increases visibility even when the LED light isn’t in use, so runners are doubly covered. The band fits arm widths ranging from 11.5 inches to 14.5 inches, so those of us with bulging biceps can still make use of the flashing armband.

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Nathan Streak vestNathan Streak Vest

With multiple large, reflective patches, the Nathan Vest allows for 360 degrees of visibility while running in the dark. Even better? The 400 candlepower reflectivity can be seen up to 1200 feet away which means visibility is no problem for approaching vehicles. The adjustable waist also means the vest will expand to fit over several layers of clothing on those frigid days. And if streaking is more your thing? Don’t worry; the vest will cinch tightly to keep chafing at bay.

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Petzl Tikkina 2 HeadlampPetzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp

Sometimes a simple headlamp is all it takes to provide a little runner visibility when racing through the night. The Tikkina 2 is an inexpensive option when compared to other headlamps but still provides two brightness modes and a wide beam to make sure we don’t stumble off the sidewalk. The headlamp clocks in at a miniscule 2.8 ounces so even the lightest of runners can handle this light on their forehead. It also comes in a variety of snazzy colors to ensure some serious style while putting in those miles.

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Nite Ize Dog CollarNite Ize Nite Dawg LED Collar

Fido needs a little coverage too! Sometimes dogs can get ahead of us on leash so it is just as important to ensure their visibility to oncoming traffic. The Nite Dawg collar contains an LED that powers a light-transmitting polymer core. This illuminates when flicked on and can be seen up to 1000 feet away and lasts for 100,000 hours. After all, nothing makes Puppy happier than joining in on all of those morning runs.

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Rgear TightsRoad Runner Sports R-Gear Night Watch Tights

Light-up tights? Yes, please. In addition to their 360 degree visibility, the Night Watch Tights have a built-in LED strip on the side of each calf muscle. The removable battery pack fits snugly in a pouch to prevent movement or chafing. The placement of the LED strips is also critical because it helps runners remain visible to drivers approaching from the side. This means we can cross those intersections safely and not worry about getting broadsided by a car.

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