Green Gift Monday: Pledge To Give Green This Holiday Season

Published on 11/04/2011


On a single day last year consumers around the world sat in the soft glow of their computers while they clicked through countless online shopping sites and bought a staggering amount of electronics, plastic toys, clothing and other goods. Cyber Monday is an online shopping day that directly follows Black Friday, and was created by companies to promote online holiday shopping. It started in November 2005, quickly caught on, and spread around the globe. In fact, last year $1.03 billion dollars were spent on e-commerce in a single day, the highest amount on record.

Green Gift MondayUnfortunately, many of these goods are made in ways that harm our environment, a huge issue that The Nature Conservancy recognized and decided to battle. Their response was Green Gift Monday, which encourages consumers to buy sustainable gifts on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season. They have set up a section of their site where shoppers can find environmentally friendly gift guides, do-it-yourself projects and pledge to give a green gift. Last year, support poured in from over 65 blogs, non-profits and eco-retailers in support of Green Gift Monday.

Here at Active Junky we are passionate about being outside, so it's in our best interest to protect the environment. That's why we have partnered with The Nature Conservancy, and made it easy for our users to donate cash back earnings from their purchases through to the charity. We are also participating in Green Gift Monday this year by compiling lists of our own eco-friendly products that you can add to your holiday cart.

We have chosen a variety of brands that try to reduce their environmental impact. For example, Patagonia uses recycled materials to create their goods, GoLite is producing lighter products with less material to reduce their carbon footprint, and Icebreaker makes a biodegradable and sustainably produced fabric. Join us for Green Gift Monday and check out our products that help you enjoy, and protect, our outdoor playground.


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