Green Guru Freewheeler Messenger Bag Review

Published on 02/27/2012

By Billy Brown

Here at Active Junky, we love the outdoors so much that we'd like to see it stick around a little while longer. It turns out that Green Guru feels the same way. The Boulder, Colorado-based company is focused on making brand new gear out of old, used-up gear. Their line of packs, bike gear and accessories is made from bike tubes, climbing ropes, wetsuits, and disposable plastic bottles, keeping all that junk out of landfills.

We've been testing one of their bags, the Freewheeler Recycled Bike Tube messenger bag, which is made up of (you guessed it) recycled bike tubes and post-consumer water bottles. The bag rocks all of the basics: laptop divider, front zippered pockets back sleeve pocket, reflective light loop, adjustable shoulder strap, and Velcro closures to keep everything together when you go flying over the handlebars.

Testers liked the size of the bag- with 17 liters of storage space, you can easily pack in an extra layer or pair of shoes and there's more than enough room for your 17" Macbook Pro. The rubber exterior is effective at shedding rain and snow, and the internal organization is great at keeping your stuff from coalescing into a puddle of stuff at the bottom of the pack. The bag styling won it extra points: the tire size information and rubber on the outside of the bag made it perfectly clear where the material came from.

The only thing that our testers found missing was that the laptop sleeve didn't have any padding, so any kind of drop, even putting the bag down on a tile floor, into a potentially heart-stopping affair. Green Guru makes a laptop sleeve out of neoprene from used wetsuits, so combining the two would potentially solve that problem.

Other than that nitpick, Green Guru's Freewheeler bag was great for commuting around town. The rubber exterior was weather-resistant and abrasion-proof, and the interior organization was well designed. Green Guru also gets extra Active Junky props for keeping our broken toys out of landfills and turning them back into

Check out the Green Guru Freewheeler Recycled Bike Tube Messenger Bag

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