Stay Warm: Hat Styles for Everyone

Published on 01/06/2013

by David Skinner

Hat Styles for Everyone

There are plenty of styles out there to protect that noggin from sun, rain, or just plain cold. Hats come in all shapes, designs, and materials. Whether sporting a skin-tight beanie or a worn-in baseball cap, we all like to wear something to shelter our domes. Technology has advanced to include synthetic materials, stretchy lycra, and built-in headphones. With all these different innovations, the main concept remains – keep your head protected from the elements and the journey will be more enjoyable.


The North Face Wicked BeanieBeanie: The North Face Wicked Beanie

This knit beanie has a fleece liner around the rim to keep the ears and forehead comfortable.  The hat fits tight and keeps shape for a durable and long lasting wear. The weave texture of the hat provides a breathable layer that still shields that skull from biting wind.  This type of hat can also be worn under a helmet when skiing for added warmth.

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 180s Urban Ear WarmersEar Warmers: 180s Urban Ear Warmers

There are a few situations when a hat won’t work, but a set of Popsicle ears don’t sound so appealing. The 180s are modern ear muffs with built-in headphones that wrap around the back of the head and hold fast with an internal frame. Use these when sporting a hard hat, or if that fabulous hair day just can’t be ruined by a proper hat.

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Pistil Oslo CapWinter Commuter Hat: Pistil Oslo Cap

This commuter hat is constructed of stylish herringbone wool and polyester with a ribbed band above the ears. A simple and comfortable design for daily wear, the cadet cap style can easily be tucked away in a bag and pulled back out while holding its shape. The flexible ribbed bands can tuck over the ears when the temperature plummets for added warmth.

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REI Havenpass Earflap CapEar Flap Cap: REI Havenpass Earflap Cap

The Havenpass is a versatile hat with drop down micro-fleece lined earflaps for added protection from the elements.  The eVent™ fabric allows for efficient moisture wicking and breathability, which means better heat management during strenuous activity. A wide curved bill will keep rain off the face, and the flaps snap up when the weather warms.

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Outdoor Research Transcendent Beanie

Ultimate Warmth: Outdoor Research Transcendent Beanie

Imagine journeying out into the wild with a down sleeping bag wrapped around your noggin. The Transcendent beanie is stuffed with 650+ fill fluffy down encased in a lightweight fabric shell. This hat works well under a jacket hood during inclement weather or solo during extreme cold. Of course, it looks like a big blue marshmallow so style points will not be awarded with this one.

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