Hydration Roundup: Summer 2012

Published on 06/21/2012

By Shelby Trueax

Hydration Tools Roundup

What’s true for every outdoor adventure? Your excursion is a lot less epic if you’re ill prepared. While ditching society, stress, and ‘stuff’ is sometimes half the fun, we recommend that no matter how much of a free-spirit you are, you keep just one thing in mind pre-adventure: hydration. This gear list allows you to stay hydrated as effortlessly as possible, so much so that you will likely not even realize you’re carrying extra baggage. Bring on the heat baby, ‘cause with the proper pack, H2O is flowing’ freely all summer long.


Camelbak M.U.L.E.Camelbak Mule

The versatile M.U.L.E. truly has no limit. The highly adjustable design allows for maximum comfort and the perfect ‘snug’ fit for any high-energy excursion. The pack keeps you hydrated and energized throughout the day without wearing you down, weighing only 30 ounces while holding up to 3 liters of liquid. Camelbak’s flow is unbeatable and the reservoir is spill/leak proof and fills with ease. But the water is just the beginning. Best for mountain biking, this pack has 3 exterior pockets with a 12.5-liter capacity for all the essential gear you’d need for an extended trip. An added bonus: it comes in 5 vibrant colors, so prepare to pedal past your pals in style.

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GeigerrigThis multi-sport multi-feature pack is built for comfort and performance. With a 2-liter liquid capacity and 11.4-liter gear capacity, the spacious interior even has a lined music-player compartment for your everyday tunage purposes. Adjustable and breathable, this pack is great for any gender, any sport; even any time of day due to its reflective zipper pulls for optimum visibility in low light. And so suck no more, active junkies… the pressurized reservoir is activated with a light bite or squeeze. The only downside: it weighs almost 3 pounds alone. But believe us, it’s worth the weight.

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Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Bottle

Katadyn BottleThis bottle is the best in its class for clean water hydration and travels with you anywhere. The seemingly too-good-to-be-true glass-fiber filter technology not only filters water, it also removes harmful bacteria and protozoan cysts as well as reduces chemicals for a clean, tasteless sip every time. Extra water weight and heavy, “just in case” purifiers are things of the past with the Katadyn MyBottle, which ensures a lightweight, worry-free journey no matter where you end up. With his hydration innovation, safety is made easy and you will never go thirsty.

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Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Lite Pocket

AmhpipodAttention marathon runners: this bottle is an effortless way to stay hydrated that is so light, you won’t even notice it. Designed for optimal performance, the spout is easily opened and closed with a simple bite or push. The soft plastic material minimizes ‘slosh’ while still holding plenty of fluid (12 fl. oz.) to fuel your fire. And size doesn’t matter here; the adjustable strap accommodates any hand size and its unique shape provides cushion support all day while eliminating hand cramping. It even includes an easily accessible zipper pouch for anything from energy snacks to mini-first aid kits. So strap on the fluid, ‘cause it’s along for the whole ride.

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MSR Dromedary Bags

MSR DromedaryWhether you’re trying to sustain heat in the freezing Nordic climate or quench your thirst with ice-cold water in the scorching hot desert, these bags are sure to do the trick without leaking or attracting unwanted moisture. The durability is unbeatable compared to its lightweight design; these long-lasting bags will withstand any condition without needing shelter. Versatility is endless as they are offered in 4 sizes; to double as pillows, sun-showers, and hydration packs (with the added hydration tube feature). Having a MSR Dromedary Bag is a camping or backpacking necessity, especially in unforgiving conditions.

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Platypus Platy Plus Bottle

Platypus BottleSpace-savers unite! This extremely space-efficient technology is your solution to minimal travel space and is also designed for a hand-held hydration experience. Not only that, it’s packable, moveable, flexible, collapsible, and durable, so it will fit into the tiniest space in your pack without the possibility of puncture. Plus: add the drink tube and you’ve got a hands-free version. And this ‘green’ technology is perpetually re-usable, so you’ll never have to buy a plastic disposable again. Keep it simple by losing the bottle and keeping the quench.

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Salomon XT Skin Pro 3 Set Hydration Pack

Salomon XT Skin ProBulky bounce isn’t your style, and nobody knows that better than Salomon. This Pro Pack is designed with unbeatable comfort (weighing only 11.6 oz.) that remains stable on your trail-bound shoulders, no matter how many bumps in the road. Stretch and adjustability are key components to fit every body type, while durability is not compromised. And with a 1.5 liter liquid capacity, this sleek design fits more like a piece of clothing than a backpack as it hydrates for a solid, sweat-provoking half-day. And don’t waste a thought on where to put that annoying drink tube, it’s conveniently routed under the right arm and the bite valve is firmly in place near your mouth, with an on/off bite valve to prevent leaks. And that’s not all! It’s insulated, so your cold fuel stays cold even as your hot bod heats up.

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Ruff Wear Singletrak Hydration Dog Pack

Ruffwear SingletrakThis unique K-9 accessory is quite the game changer for you and your loyal hiking companion. Your dog can pull his weight comfortably while carrying water for the both of you in 2 removable Platypus pouches with plenty of extra gear storage space and a collapsible drinking bowl. Since this bad boy comes in three sizes, your pooch isn’t limited to an ill-fitting pack, and each are highly adjustable. Best of all, he’ll stay dry and cool with the breathable, lightweight material while it hugs his body perfectly to avoid snagging and flopping. This innovative harness is spectacular in both quality and design, so feel free to spend hours on the trail at any pace.

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