Keen Marshall Hiking Shoes: Stomping Through Rugged Ground

Published on 05/27/2014

by Peter Reese , Arya Roerig

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Canyoneering in Zion National Park is not for the faint of heart, or the faint of foot, for that matter. Rappelling one hundred feet into one of these notoriously breathtaking slot canyons not only takes a whole lot of guts but major confidence in your gear. So our testers were thrilled when, even among the fridge-sized boulders, swirling ice water and racing adrenaline of the abyss, they found reassurance and dependability with KEEN’s MARSHALL hiking shoe.

Longstanding as the go-to multi-purpose brand for hikers and adventurers, Keen released the Marshall series of footwear to be responsive to the needs of athletic hikers that push the boundaries of themselves and their gear. And our testers really put this pair through the ringer in Utah on our gear test this past spring.

Shockingly protective, from the rock-repelling toe cap to the solid rubber outsole, the MARSHALL made for confident travel over the threatening trail conditions of the slot.  But KEEN’s PU high-rebound midsole offered excellent impact resistance outside of the canyon, as well. Accentuated by a wider toe box and long-lasting cushioning, both staples when it comes to KEEN kicks, these shoes maintained their comfort no matter what we threw at them. Our testers reported that the MARSHALL held up whether pounding out miles of trail, crossing ridgelines, or just enduring coffee shop crowds in nearby Springdale.

Though not water proof, this warm weather hiker still dries quickly after an afternoon rain shower or dunk in a mountain stream thanks to the nylon mesh upper. The 4mm multidirectional lugs allowed for excellent all-around traction on a range of sketchy terrain and supportive thermoplastic urethane shanks enhanced the shoes overall stability while maintaining flexibility.  Combine that with their lightweight construction and insane long-wear comfort and the KEEN MARSHALL could also easily stand in as your new favorite trail runners.

The wide range of color options allow for stealth or standout choices depending on your style and the  stay-tied laces and generous heel pull loop mean you can leave the shoehorn at home- these were on and off in a flash.   Active Junky recommends KEEN MARSHALL as a quiver-of-one hiking shoe for value-conscious adventurers who require performance, style and full-time adrenaline.

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