Video of the Day: Life In Focus

Published on 04/23/2013

by Kyle Sundman

We've all seen videos of epic adventures from all over the world, but have you ever wondered what they look like behind the scenes? Thousands of hours of footage and pictures are usually condensed into about a 3 minute spot, (no small feat) which is hard to appreciate unless you are into photography/filmography. Check out Tim Kemple in the inaugural episode of the Life in Focus series, brought to you by F-Stop and hear what he has to say about being on the other side of the lens.

From F-Stop:


"F-stop's collaborative effort with our team of photographers and filmers is an essential cog in product research and development. Working with industry leading professionals to help design and build the ultimate camera packs and bags is an ongoing endeavor that has helped shape the brand and company we are today. In an effort to give back to the f-stop Pro Team and photo/film community, we've set out to tell the story of a few of our team photographers and filmers. Episode 1 of 'Life in Focus' features f-stop Pro, Tim Kemple. "


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