Sleeping Bag Quandary? Quilt it Instead

Published on 09/17/2012

By Shelby Trueax

Quilt Outside

Your sleeping bag may limit your movement, ventilation, comfort, and even sleep. Sleeping bags present issues for people of all sizes, especially either extreme. Even the largest bags are notorious for lacking space for all you 6+ footers out there, and the smallest size tend to swallow up us tiny folks. Oh, and let’s not forget about unpredictable weather, when one aggravating zipper presents two options: a scorching-hot down-filled oven or a freezing cold draft-channel breeze where the sun don’t shine. The camping Gods have spoken; the result: ditch the bag, embrace the quilt!

Katabatic Gear Quilt

It’s a minimal concept that will have you asking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ The quilt acts as a fitted duvet that attaches to a sleeping pad via straps or cord locks. It’s the closest thing to a mobile bed without compromising valuable pack space and weight. The most snuggly feature is the removable inner liner that forms to your body’s unique shape, while diminishing bagginess and potential drafts. However, if you find yourself burning up inside the homely quilt, it’s as simple as snapping a strap to get the air flowing, but only where you want it. And on those frigid nights, there are snaps to comfortably trap heat around the critical neck area, as well as an extra plush “foot box” to maximize insulation and indulgence for your sore paws. Recommended for spring excursions, thru-hikes and summer camping trips, the quilt concept truly exemplifies the ‘less is more’ approach, which means you’ll be sleeping like a bear in hibernation on your deceivingly luxurious transportable bed.

Katabatic quilt inside

The most innovative quilt on the market, made by Katabatic Gear, doubles as a sleeping bag if you prefer, making it extremely versatile. It runs $355-$410 depending on size, but believe us, it’s a splurge you won’t regret.


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