Video of the Day: Banks Gilberti Season Review

Published on 10/31/2012

By Tommy Joyce

Need a little help on being awesome? Our friend Banks Gilberti has got it dialed. The guy rides a harley and rocks a golden mane of hair, loves shootin guns, fly fishing, skiing park and pow, skating in the summer and snowboarding occasionally. Clearly he's always having a good time. Check out his season in review and embrace the lifestyle.

From Orage:

"Banks has been on the Orage program since he was a young buck focusing his full attention on the comp scene. Through the years he's taken his own path, created his own set of rules breaking down the walls of the ski vs snowboard haters club and has become what we consider to be one of the hardest working athletes on our program. He can ski anything, slays its on a snowboard, blows minds on a skateboard and is an all around good sh_t. Step into the world of Banks with the self edit produced by the man himself..."

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